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Borrowing the Original Exhibit

Darkness into Life: Alabama Holocaust Survivors Through Photography & Art is NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR LOAN to schools, community centers and museums throughout the U.S. 

The exhibit travels in six (6) large, wooden crates with the following specifications:

     Crate #1 (red):       48 1/2" L x 29" W x 25 1/2" H

     Crate #2 (yellow):  34 1/2" L x 27" W x 25 1/2" H

     Crate #3 (blue):     45" L x 32 1/2" W x 30 1/2" H

     Crate #4 (green):   28" L x 27" W x 24" H

     Crate #5 (white):    28" L x 27" W x 24" H

     Crate #6 (black):    41"L x 19" W x 40" H

Please refer to Host Requirements for exhibit space requirements, fees, etc.


STEP #1:  Begin the Borrowing Process -  Request the Exhibit

We ask that all borrowing institutions complete either the print or online form to Request the Exhibit.  This will begin the borrowing process and allow a date to be temporarily secured.  Please refer to Where We Are Going to make sure that the exhibit is available, or contact our  Exhibit Coordinator.

Request for Exhibit (pdf)

Request for Exhibit (online form)

STEP #2:  Submit Facility Report

Requests will not undergo final consideration until a completed Facility Report has been submitted by mail and approved by our Exhibit Coordinator.

Facility Report (pdf)

STEP #3:  Contract Mailed and Signed

Once the borrower has been approved and the exhibit dates established, a contract will be mailed to the borrower.


If you have further questions about the exhibit or its bookings, please contact our Exhibit Coordinator.