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The Courage to Remember

The Courage to Remember: The Holocaust 1933-1945

Courage to Remember Postes at Birmingham Public Library"The Courage to Remember" is both a tribute and a warning; a tribute to the six million Jews and millions of others, including Gypsies, Slavs, political dissenters, homosexuals, and prisoners of war, who were murdered by the Nazis between 1933 and 1945;  and a warning that the root causes of the Holocaust persist.  Racial hatred, economic crises, human psychological and moral flaws, the complacency or complicity of ordinary individuals in the persecution of their neighbors are still ominously common.  Remembrance, vigilance and moral commitment are required if the lives of the victims of the Holocaust are to have an enduring meaning.

This unique poster series from the Simon Wiesenthal Center is ideal for commemorative or educational use in community centers, high schools and universities, libraries, synagogues and churches, and by other interested organizations and individuals.  As an educational tool, it can be used as the centerpiece for special events, or as a visual curriculum for educators.





Exhibit Specifications

The exhibit consists of forty (40), color, framed posters containing over 200 original photographs that cover the basic history and facts about the Holocaust. Each poster measures 27" x 42".  The posters travel in 4 wooden crates, each measuring 48" L x 23" W x 33 1/2 " H.

The posters can be wall-mounted or displayed on easels.  The Birmingham Holocaust Education Center (BHEC) as table-top easels for loan.

Poster - All Necessary Preparations Poster - The Nightmare Begins Poster - Resistance and Revenge
Sample Posters




Poster Titles

Nazi Germany, 1933-1938

  1. The Courage to Remember: The Holocaust 1933-1945

  2. Why the Jew? The Patterns of Persecution

  3. 1933: German Jewish life Before the Nazis

  4. The "Jewish Question": Nazi Policy 1933-1939

  5. The Nightmare Begins: Hitler and the Nazis

  6. Nazi Propaganda: Slogans, Myths, and Images

  7. Nazi Policy: Racism and Terror

  8. Concentration Camps: 1933-1938

  9. In Flight: 1933-1938

10. 1938: The Reich Expands

11. Kristallnacht: The Night of the Broken Glass

12. Flight Without Escape: The Jewish Homeless

13. The Deadly Philosophy: Racial Purity

Moving Toward the "Final Solution", 1939-1941

14: All Necessary Preparations: 1939-1941

15. Eastern Europe: The Arena for Mass Murder

16. Isolate and Destroy: The Jewish Question in Occupied Territory

17. Days of Nightmare: The Lodz Ghetto

18. The World Turned Upside Down: The Warsaw Ghetto

19. Blitzkrieg: The Invasion and Occupation of the West

20. No Escape: Greece and Yugoslavia Fall

21. Whatever Can Be Saved: Daily Life in the Ghettos

Annihilation in Nazi-Occupied Europe, 1941-1945

22. The Final Solution: 1941-1945

23. Death by Design: The Invasion of the Soviet Union

24. Einsatzgruppen: Mobile Killing Squads

25. The Final Choice: Resistance

26. Resistance and Revenge: The Warsaw Ghetto Revolt

27. Mass Murder: 1942-1945

28. Theresienstadt: The "Model" Ghetto

29. Like Dying Candles: Concentration Camp Routine

30. The Enduring Spirit: Art of the Holocaust

31. Auschwitz-Birkenau: The Death Factory

32. Auschwitz-Birkenau: Half Hell, Half Lunatic Asylum

33. The Last Agony at Auschwitz: Liberation, January 1945

34. A Righteous Few: Survival in Hiding and Rescue

35. Liberation: The Unmasked Horror

Liberation - Building New Lives

36. Bitterness and Hope: The Legacy of the Holocaust

37. Crimes Against humanity: Nazis on Trial

38. Where Now? Where To? The Displaced

39. Revival: Building New Lives

40. Remembrance and Vigilance



Educational Links

•  The Courage to Remember Poster Series, The Museum of Tolerance
      - includes Lessons & Activities, Vocabulary and Concepts, Timeline, etc.
•  The Courage to Remember, Museum of Tolerance Online Multimedia Learning Center
      - detailed educational activities for each poster in the series.


Borrowing the Exhibit


•  This exhibit must be transported in an enclosed vehicle.

    Please refer to the crate dimensions under "Exhibit Specifications" above.

•  The Host Venue will be responsible for ALL transportation costs.


STEP #1:  Begin the Borrowing Process -  Request the Exhibit

We ask that all borrowing institutions complete either the print or online form to Request the Exhibit.  This will begin the borrowing process and allow a date to be temporarily secured. 

Although this form was created for the Darkness into Life exhibit, there is place in the form to indicate that you are requesting the Courage to Remember poster exhibit.

Request for Exhibit (pdf)

Request for Exhibit (online form)

STEP #2:  Contract Mailed and Signed

Once the borrower has been approved and the exhibit dates established, a contract will be mailed to the borrower.


If you have further questions, please contact our Exhibit Coordinator.