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Web Links:  Other Genocides



•  Preventing Genocide: Learn More & Take Action, USHMM

•  U.N. Declaration of Human Rights, The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

•  Video:  Defying Genocide, USHMM/YouTube

        - Part I (7:27)

        - Part II (6:26)

        - Part III (4:40)

•  Responding to Genocide Today, USHMM

•  Five Guidelines for Teaching about Genocide, USHMM

•  What is Genocide?  A timeline exploring the concept and law of genocide. USHMM

•  "Upstanders," a PowerPoint on Genocide, University of Minnesota Center for Holocaust &
         Genocide Studies

       - Script to accompany the PowerPoint

•  Human Rights Watch

•  Aegis Trust, human rights organization in the UK

•  Genocide Watch, The International Campaign to End Genocide

  U.S. Department of State: Human Rights

  Genocide Timeline, USHMM

  Voices on Genocide Prevention Podcasts, USHMM

  Video: "Comparing the Holocaust to Other Genocides - Prof. Yehuda Bauer" (20:09),
          Yad Vashem/YouTube

•  CNN Presents: Scream Bloody Murder

          - Part 1, Intro (9:28)

          - Part 2, Cambodia (7:36)

          - Part 3, Cambodia (6:47)

          - Part 4, Iraq (7:31)

          - Part 5, Iraq (5:33)

          - Part 6, Bosnia (9:55)

          - Part 7, Bosnia (5:08)

          - Part 8, Bosnia (5:31)

          - Part 9, Rwanda (4:44)

          - Part 10, Rwanda (5:37)

          - Part 11, Rwanda (4:20)

          - Part 12, Sudan (8:00)

          - Part 13, Darfur (5:49)

          - Part 14, Conclusion (5:50)

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•  Armenian National Institute

•  Genocide 1915: Armenian Genocide Information and Recognition

•  Armenian Genocide, University of Minnesota Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies

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•  Cambodian Genocide Program, Yale University

•  Cambodian Genocide Group

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•  The World's Most Wanted Man, the story of indicted Serbian war leader Radovan Karadzic,
          PBS Frontline

•  Preventing Genocide: Bosnia-Herzegovina, USHMM

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•  Rwandan Genocide Project, Genocide Studies Program, Yale University

•  The U.S. and the Genocide in Rwanda 1994, Evidence of Inaction, The National
           Security Archive

•  Verdicts on the crime of genocide by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

  International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

•  Rwanda, USHMM

•  Comparative Genocide: The Holocaust and the Rwandan Genocide, The Wiener Library

•  Preventing Genocide: Rwanda, USHMM

•  World is Witness: Rwanda 15 Years Later, USHMM

•  Rwanda: The First Conviction for Genocide, USHMM

•  Rwanda, USHMM

•  "The Triumph of Evil," PBS Documentary on the Rwanda Genocide

•  "Ghosts of Rwanda," PBS Documentary on the Rwanda Genocide

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•  Darfur: Continuing Conflict in Sudan, ASC Library, The Netherlands

•  Preventing Genocide: Overview Sudan, USHMM

•  Mapping Initiatives: Crisis in Darfur, USHMM

•  Genocide in Darfur: Darfur Eyewitness Teacher Guide, USHMM

•  Darfur, USHMM

•  Darfur Drawn: The Conflict in Darfur Through Children's Eyes, Human Rights Watch

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Democratic Republic of Congo

•  DR Congo, USHMM

•  Ripples of Genocide, Journey Through Eastern Congo, USHMM Online Exhibit

•  Alert: Democratic Republic of the Congo, USHMM

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Page last updated: March 9, 2015