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Web Links:  Holocaust Survivor Testimonies


Holocaust Survivor Testimonies with Audio

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

•  Holocaust Personal Histories, USHMM

            Testimonies are organized by topics.

•  First Person - Conversations with Holocaust Survivors, A Podcast Series, USHMM

            32 Survivors speak about specific events in their history.

Yad Vashem

•  Video Testimonies: In Their Words, Yad Vashem

            Each testimony reflects a specific topic.

•  Full Visual Histories of 51 Holocaust Survivors, Echoes and Reflections: A Multimedia                 Curriculum on the Holocaust (USC Shoah Foundation Institute, ADL, Yad Vashem)

            Testimonies searchable by name or topic.

USC Shoah Foundation

•  IWitness Testimonies by TOPIC, USC Shoah Foundation

•  Testimony Clip Viewer, USC Shoah Foundation

            Testimonies are organized by topic.

•  Living Histories: Seven Voices from the Holocaust, USC Shoah Foundation

            Seven multimedia lessons for the classroom, grades 9-12.

•  Survivors: Testimonies of the Holocaust, USC Shoah Foundation

            Online presentation following the lives of four Holocaust survivors.

•  Surviving Auschwitz: Five Personal Journeys, USC Shoah Foundation

•  Remembering Kristallnacht, USC Shoah Foundation

            Six survivors recount their personal experiences.

•  Survivor Testimonies, USC Shoah Foundation/YouTube

            Many of these testimonies are included in the BHEC Thematic Web Links.

•  Voices of the Holocaust: Children Speak, USC Shoah Foundation

            History of the Holocaust interwoven with survivor testimonies.

Fortunoff Video Archive

•  Short Testimony Excerpts, Yale University Library: Fortunoff Video Archive

            Each testimony reflects a specific topic.

•  Thematic Programs, Yale University Library: Fortunoff Video Archive

            Several survivor testimonies grouped by theme.

•  Single Witness Programs, Yale University Library, Fortunoff Video Archive

            Individual survivors recount their story.


•  Voices of the Holocaust, Illinois Institute of Technology, Galvin Library

            Testimonies can be queried by name, language, date, location, etc.

•  Survivor Testimonies, British Library

            Testimonies are grouped by topics.

•  Survivor Testimonies and Topics by Themes, Centropa

•  Louisiana Holocaust Survivors, The Southern Institute for Education and Research

•  Survivors' Video Testimonies, The 1939 Club

            Indicates location and experience of each survivor.

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Holocaust Survivor Testimonies with Transcript Only

•  Holocaust Survivors - Their Stories, 20th Century History

•  Survivor Testimonies, Yad Vashem

            Each testimony reflects a specific topic.

•  Survivors, A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

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Page last updated: March 9, 2015